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Are the 1940's Super Speed head similar to the later Flare Tips?


The Lather Maestro
Were the differences only in the handles? I just got a 1940's super speed which I think it more handsome than my later flare tip, but do they shave pretty much the same?
IME there are subtle differences between the 1940's Super Speed and the flare tip Super Speeds of the 1950's. I prefer the appearance and the performance of 1940's version, but not by much. Both are excellent.
According to @Above The Tie’s blade gap table, the 40s SS has a slightly larger blade gap than the Flare Tip, implying it is slightly more aggressive.

I have used both and find them to be quite comparable… I kept the Flare Tip
I love my Super Speeds. They are sweet, inexpensive tools that are built like tanks, shave exceptionally well, and take very little effort to get it "right".
I find no discernable or detectable difference between the early and the flare tip Super Speeds, though someone with extremely sensitive skin may.
They shave very similarly to the President model as well as the Lady Gillette model which I am informed is a Super Speed head on a longer handle.
The 40s has a very slightly bigger gap compared to the 50s-60s. Difference in shave is perceptible to me and my preference is toward the 40s. The black handles post 1966 have again the slightly bigger gap and even bigger exposure. The diamond knurling black handles post 1980 have a bit reduced exposure but bigger gap compared to the 70s black handle. The 80s black handle is the most aggressive. A touch below the red tip. That good enough for you?

This is another example of one of those truly outstanding posts that would be great to include as part of an updated wiki-type list (referencing my earlier suggestion in the Wiki-Wiki-Who's-Got-The-Wiki thread). Compiling similar posts all in one place would be a really helpful resource.
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