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Are straight razor users not that into brushes

I would normally reply with "search spine taping", but you and I both know you were already in that thread. :001_tt2:
Aha...well in that particular case it was not arguing. It was a simple fact that I was right, and everyone else was wrong...
Possibly here. I've got 1 brush yet 2 straight razors with a couple on the way. Maybe I ought to take a gander at brushes....
One never wants to paint with too broad a brush, but if required to answer I would have to say it appears what interests straight razor shavers most is arguing.
The more you talk, the more I listen! And I have to agree with that statement !
Ouch.........you are wise beyond your years......................JR.........Maybe :confused1
I would agree with previous comments about making generalizations about straight razor users. That said, I have 9 brushes, three in regular rotation (vulfix, reknotted vintage Rubberset, and a Trufitt&Hill) all badger. I also have 4 boar brushes, and two vintage badger travel brushes. While i am not as obsessed with brushes is the same way as straights, I do keep an eye out for them at the antique malls and flea markets. But others MMV.


Those DE users have it easy. The prices people balk at for high end DE razors would rarely cause anyone to bat an eye over here, not to mention how much some of these hones go for. So maybe they have a bigger budget left over for brushes?

You might have a point here, I got five brushes, Simpson Wee Scot, Berkeley and Chubby 1 and Semogue 830 and 750, these cover all variations I want in brushes, but the Chubby is the one I use 98% of the times, while I at the moment got 10 straights where all cost from aprox the same as the Chubby up to 3-4 times as much.

I find greater joy in more variaty in my straights than brushes.
I would normally reply with "search spine taping", but you and I both know you were already in that thread. :001_tt2:
I've tried honing with the spine taped, but usually it just pulls the skin on removal and doesn't seem to make any difference to my honing methods. Should I try a different tape? Start at the neck all the way down to the tailbone, or just the middle of the spine?

As for the OP, it is my feeling that there are even more ADs in straight shaving than in DE shaving, so there may be less focus on brushes. I still tend to be interested in brushes, but it's not quite at the AD stage like it is with straights and now starting with hones.
Not a huge brusher collector, i do have about 6, but only use 2, a frank and a simpson, the rest are ones i tried boar, horse hair etc and have no plans to buy anymore till i have to!


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If anything straight users would have more brushes on a average...i have 8
I have one brush. A Duke 2 I got it in trade. If it blows up I will go back to the 10$ brush at target. Or use a cropped barbie head or something.
I have quite a few brushes, but I mostly just use one of them because I like it the best. Speaking for myself, as a straight shaver, it is mostly all about the razor. There is more to do with the razor than there would be if I were a DE or SE shaver. I always strive to do a better job honing, stropping, etc in addition to shaving. I constantly fiddle with pasted leather and balsa bench strops, paddle strops, and hanging strops. I eagerly anticipate my forearm hair growing back out so I can give my recently honed razors the 1/4" above the skin hair-popping test. I try to store my razors so that they do not ever come open and then close down on a scale. I think about polishing razors that seem due for a honing, and re-scaling. I modify Gold Dollars. I think about making my own from scratch. There is just so much about straights that sometimes I think brushes do get less attention from me than if I were a DE shaver, who only needs to change the blade once in a while and shave with the darn thing.
I started with straights instead of DE's.

I have 1 brush. It's a GN re-knot of my grandfathers brush that was left to me.
I'm not using a straight solely, so maybe I don't qualify as a straight shaver, but I've got 50-60 straights and 93 brushes so I would say it is a fair assumption that straight shavers isn't that much into brushes :wink:
I have two brushes, Omega Boar and Thater Silvertip. One Safety razor edwin Jagger and 4 workable straights. I do not go crazy over brushes. I like what I have and not care to look any further. Straights on the other hand, different story. I am a like cocaine addict with straights.
Brushes lose the interest contest (in terms of what generates excitement) to straight razors, stones and soaps for me - and soaps are a distant third once you get a couple of good ones that work.

There are some very good (what must be) chinese-made badger brushes out there in the $25-$30 range, and I just can't get excited about spending any more when it's the quality of the edge, the stones and any decent tallow soap that makes me want to shave with nothing but a straight razor every morning.

I understand the craftsmanship and artisan angle of it, though, I'm just a daily shaver who straight razor shaves for the shaving, and not for artisanal bling.

I like an inexpensive but decent quality brush that I can leave the tallowate soap in the tip of and not worry about it.
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