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Are Sharpedge yellows still pretty good?


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I find them second only to Feathers in terms of sharpness. My top two are Wilkinson Sword and Astra Platinum for balance of sharpness and smoothness, but Feather and SharpEdge are not far behind them, particularly after the initial keenness has abated a little.
Reason I ask I can buy them locally and I'm low on Feathers.
Good blades in my opinion. The first shave is usually a little tuggi.They are really nice on the 2 and 3 shave. They also seem to hold the edge quite well. I get two shaves from a Feather, but these last for me 5-6 shaves.
I like to use them in my R41. In milder razors I like something sharper.
If they're near you, Silver Blues are better for a similar price, and Chinese/Indian Wikis are better on the first 3 shaves for less cost. I've got a tuck of BIC yellows coming to reconfirm, but those are basically cheaper Feathers from my last impression.
Sharp edge (7 o’clock yellow). Not as sharp as Nacet, Platinum or Silver Blues (in that order). Sharper than Rubie and Astra SP. Smooth enough in a medium razor. Don’t mind them, don’t love them. For my Italian American beard, Nacet, Platinum and GSB always outperform them in my razors. In fact, I would maybe seek out Voshkod first… lower middle of the road for Gillette St Pete plant for me.
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