Are modern razors overtaking vintage razors

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    Ha ha! That's pretty much what happened to me. Love my birth quarter Tech.
  1. I’m so happy with my vintage Gillette that just give my dad a 1947 Gillette (his birth year)...his face expression was priceless...
  2. You are a good son.
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    As far as DE's are concerned, I agree with the once and future TobyC that King Gillette got it right the first time with the Old Type. Everything he created after that was a shadow of the best as he went for making more user friendly milder models. For modern the Fatip Grande is based off of the best the Old Type. The Fatip pleasantly has more heft at 65 grams, not too much by modern standards, and it is superbly balanced, brass, with the same rigid blade design as the Old Type. I honor, and own, the Old Type for being the original deal, and prefer my modern Fatip as far as usage due to weight, balance, ease of use, smoothness, and efficiency. You can easily own either of these two razors and call it a day.
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  4. I get your point -- and agree -- but King Gillette himself I don't think had much to do with design after the Old Type. By 1912 he had sold his majority interest and moved to California to pursue other things (real estate, oranges, weird philosophy). He had involvement in the corporation, obviously securing Gillette's position as manufacturer during WW1 a major accomplishment, but he mostly acted as an ambassador for Gillette in his twenty years in California before his death in '32.

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  5. Raven Koenes

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    Thanks for the info my friend. I officially amend it to everything Gillette created after that...
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  6. Great point!! Credit the OT to the King, but not subsequent designs. :a21::a21:
  7. Even though I love my Stainless Weber PH with the Classic Handle, this razor gives me fantastic shaves. I keep going back to my first razor, the Gillette Slim. For nearly 60 years this razor has lasted through countless blade changes, a few dial changes and many toothbrush cleanings and yet it works just as well as the day I got it.
    Personally, except for my Weber I prefer Vintage razors, Gillette, Star, Probak DE, Gem, EverReady and Star SE razors. The new razors that I've used didn't match up to the vintage, But I am sure that there are new razors that can match or surpass vintage
  8. Nothing I've tried has been as good as my dirt cheap Old Types and my Gem SEs but then again I'm not the sort of person that would spend 200 quid on a razor.

    My first Old Type has lasted me years now, I've only had to change the head a few times and the handle once or twice :) Sorry I couldn't resist.
  9. Agree!!! But, as we have seen, the desire for “vintage” is raising those prices exponentially.
  10. I miss Toby C, Highspeedlane, BSA Guy, etc...
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    I miss them too. They really elevated the forum with their knowledge. I miss TobyC's ornery-ness. BSA Guy was the first one to welcome me here all those years ago now.
  12. Wow. Awesome that you remember that! Highspeedlane PIFed me 50 GSB blades within a week or two of me joining here, and was ALWAYS a class act. Too bad I didn't catch it, huh?

    When these guys drop out I worry about them.

    Us old nurses may retire but we never stop worrying about folks, ha!
  13. Well says lol

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