Are modern razors overtaking vintage razors

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    I beg to differ you have the Wilkinson sword classic then when you look on aliexpress you have all those clones to chose from not all razors are Gillette .
  1. I'm not sure what you mean by that, about the clones, and Gillette vs not Gillette. o_O
    As far as this WS TTO goes ...
    ... then I would say that the handle is too long, by 20 mm or so. The balance is off, for me.
    The head is good though.
  2. I probably shave 99% of the time with my 1962 Tech. It allows for speed, user error, less than perfect soap.... without hurting my exceedingly handsome face. Which means I can shave more often. What's not to love.

    If enough folks start buying new stuff I'll have a better chance of finding the old!
  3. so in your view its not a vintage unless it fits your criteria too long too heavy too short .as for the Gillette coment it was just to say there are more makers out there but thats my opinion .
  4. Nope.
    Here on B&B, people usually use "vintage" to mean models made before 1990-ish, and no longer in production.

    I do like some new ones, like the QShave Futur clone. I think it would be even better if it was lighter.
    I also like some of the vintage Schick injectors, and the Fendrihan Full Stainless Mk I (which is also on the heavy side, but has some redeeming qualities).
  5. With respect to DE’s, I’m pushing a 6:1 ratio. And the one vintage DE I do have, I got pretty recently.

    Now when it comes to straights, I’ve only got one modern that comes to mind. 16 to 20 vintage.
  6. There’s several modern makers grinding full hollows that are comparable to good vintages, as well as custom 1/4 hollows that can run up to $2k. Hard to be the prices on functional vintages though, so as far as straights go, it’ll always be a blend of both for most that want to spend the money for new, and high quality vintages.
  7. I have my share of vintage Gillettes, Schick Kronas, and Merkur knockoffs. Since trying the Dorco PL602 and the Baili 171, I've forgotten about the others. These two new designs are the only razors I use.
  8. Maybe. But Each of them has what the other hasn't. So neither can overtake its counterpart completely. For me, modern razor lacks variety. Vintage users can choose lather catcher, MMOC, Streamline, Gillette ABC, Adjustables and so many other attractive ones. Most of modern razor producers seem to be offering boring 3 piece, super heavy razors regardless of whether it is DE or not.
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    I much prefer vintage over new razors. I have bought some new razors but NEVER expensive razors. I would much rather spend a few hundred dollars on several vintage razors than one new razor. That is me though, I know that others think different to me and that is fine.
  10. What's nice is to find a 100 unused SR. This has happened to me a few times.
  11. NOS - yum lol.
  12. The 1931 Gillette Goodwill was not sold, it was free.
  13. The Parker 99A is a modern TTO all brass razor. That is a beautiful razor and made from brass just like the old Gillettes. I own one and shave with it from time to time. It is on the mild side but what a beautiful razor for just 50 bucks.
  14. When I bought my first razor, a Gillette Slim, it wasn't vintage but I guess now it is, but so am I. I guess you can say my razor and I have grown vintage together.
    Many of today's razors are made with a Zamak head instead of all Brass with a Nickle coating like the Gillette Slim or a Gem 1912. My Slim back then cost $1.95 about $25 in today's money, about the cost of a Merkur 34c, both great razors. There are too many Variables for me to say a good answer. For me, if I'm in a vintage mood, It's either my Slim or BB, In the mood for new a type razor, it's my Weber PH with classic handle.
  15. Well you had to buy Gillette's lousy blades which were so problematic they issued two public apologies when they finally retooled (in 1932).


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  16. Since most if not all vintage DE's are plated I went with modern solid ti. Same general design much better materials. As with others on this thread ,str8's are completely different. I've seen some straights circa American Civil War Era that look brand new. Just plain Ole carbon steel, no plating.
  17. I am sure this will eventually happen. They can only last so long. The vintage razors will always have their place tho. Some of them are really amazing.
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    The blades may have warranted an apology. But the Goodwill razor needs none. It’s a marvelous shaver.
  19. I wasn’t very comfortable with the idea of getting a used razor...but SWMBO asked me a crucial question “If you could get your grandad razor, do you shave with it?”...of course; so with that in mind a got my birth year Black Beauty (1971) and now my Rockwell, EJ, Fatip, Feather are collecting dust...

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