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Are modern razors overtaking vintage razors

Rusty Blade

I have been amazed at the number of new DE and SE offerings from a variety of start-ups. And from more established sellers. I am wondering if modern razors are overtaking vintage razors in terms of desirability? Personally I have been a fan of vintage razors, but even I find myself window shopping for new DEs more often now. What say you?
I think the modern good quality-made razors have become a game changer in recent years.
Vintage razors like the old Gillettes were the choice of durable razors in comparison with their zamak modern counterparts.
Now that modern stainless steel razors are available, there´s no need to go vintage to buy quality.
Furthermore, modern razors suit the taste of today´s men better (just like SUVs are in the auto world) heavy, bulky, more precisely machined, and often more efficient.
Vintage razors will now mostly remain in the hands of vintage lovers.
That´s how I see it.
I was just thinking about this yesterday. Yes, I was also a fan of vintage razors (especially Gillette), but am recently mainly interested in new razors as well.
For me it's the materials. I really like brass (no plating and stainless still (also no plating).
Some people just like and want new things. They don’t want a used razor, they want it brand new. I don’t think the new ones necessarily shave any better than the good vintage ones.
From 1964 until 2018, I bought razors from the new market. However, I have bought a whole stable full of Micromatic and Schick injector razors for less than one $220 class razor. Shaving is now at the best level with the classic SE's. Average age of the vintage razors is approaching 80 years old. I don't see the inherent value in the current new market offerings as high enough vs the sugar high of buying new top notch.
Well, I think the truth is, that after we all stocked up on the vintage razors (and who doesn't own tons of old Gillettes, Schicks, Fasans, Rotbarts, Apollos etc.), we just need more cool stuff to add to our dens.
Some people just like and want new things. They don’t want a used razor, they want it brand new. I don’t think the new ones necessarily shave any better than the good vintage ones.
Especially at the price! I do however believe that modern blades are generally better than many of the vintage ones--even the stainless ones.
I hope the modern razors become very popular and the prices drop on the vintage razors that are out of my price range at the moment.
A lot of the vintage razors are twist-to-open, geared toward "not handling blades" dispensed from a magazine. If you're having to unwrap and handle the blades anyway, the TTO function isn't that big of a deal.

I think some are icky about using somebody else's razor. My vintage razors are my originally own or Dad's, so I'm fine.

People like to believe that expensive is better. Often the new ones are expensive. I really don't know about manufacturing costs for stainless steel and if that's justified.
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Well I have a healthy stable of razors both modern and vintage but I look at razors like I do cars. You can buy an original mint or user grade vintage razor or you can get yourself a resto-mod. I look at the new razors as really tweaked versions of vintage razors. Beautiful head geometry, novel materials, scalloped top caps all good stuff but an open comb is an open comb. I like the new and old equally and have no issues enjoying the beauty of Timeless Bronze, Blackland Dart, iKon Deluxe OC etc, right alongside a mint 48-50 Gillette Aristocrat, Gillette New LC, Old Type...all good.
I like the idea of vintage razors, but I generally prefer to buy mine new (or NOS, as the case may be).
I dont think so. Vintage Gillettes still have certain mystique to them that no modern razors have. Ive got 5 or 6 vintage Gillettes, as well as a Timeless and if I had to trim my razor fleet down to 2 or 3, the Timeless would go bu-bye.