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Are Lord Classic SS and Shark SS the same blades in different packing

Both the Shark SS and Lord Classic SS are locally available in my country. I have already bought 100 blades of Lord Classics. If Shark SS are different than Lord Classics then I will also buy 100 of these too. I suspect that both these blades are the same in different packets.
Kindly let me know if these two are the same or different blades.
Well, since they are both made by the same company, it's been rumored that they might be the same blade. In fact, there's speculation that quite a few of Lord's offerings are the same blade in different packaging.
I just went through a sample pack of mostly Lord blades. The Lord branded blades were all the same to me shave wise despite different label styles. Big Bens were similar to each other. Shark Super Chrome and Super Stainless were night and day different to me. All of their offerings were good for me except the Shark Super Stainless, which wasn't terrible but not as efficient as the others. So I think the posts I have read that imply they use the same blade in many wrappers is possible.
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