Arco who loves it, who hates it. Why?

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Dan05, May 26, 2018.

    About to try Arco for the first time. Never used it before and wanted to hear what all you fine gentlemen think of it. Currently use proraso red and green soaps and a DR Harris arlington. Love them all for various reasons. My local pharmacy is selling Arco for $5 AUD each. So if all goes will I’ll buy them out for that price!!!

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  1. You're in for a treat. Arko is an excellent soap . Enjoy!
  2. Arko - imo there are many better soaps around, but very few that provide the same bang for your buck.
  3. Great!!! Can’t wait.

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  4. For those who are also familiar with Van Der Hagen Deluxe soap, are they roughly equivalent? For anyone not familiar with VDH, a puck at retail is about $3 and can be had for half that in bulk.

    In other words, I haven't tried Arko but I'm curious about it.
  5. In my opinion, Arko is better than VDH deluxe. Both lather easily and support a good shave, but Arko has denser, more protective lather.

    To me the scent is Ivory soap with a hint of lemon. The performance is top notch.

    That said, I do not recommend the bulk purchase of 12 or 15, unless you like it so much you want to have some on hand to give away. The Arko stick is quite a bit larger than Palmolive or Speick and 1 stick lasts a long time.

    Buy 1 (stick, if you don’t like sticks it will take <1 min to cut and press into a dish) and if you don’t like it, mail it to someone else to try.

    Or, just skip the whole thing and keep using VDH ... that works just fine.

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  6. Cphobes

    Cphobes Contributor

    Love arko, daily soap here for me and my two son's.
  7. Arko is good but quite dry for me after the shave. Slickness and cushion though are excellent. King of cheap soaps.
  8. Ad Astra

    Ad Astra Ambassador

    +1 on both Arko working great, and lasting a very long time.

  9. I don't care for it. The performance is ok, but it's not nearly as good as other inexpensive sticks like Palmolive and Speick.

    And I can't stand the scent. It's not that it's a bad scent, but, for me, it's way too strong. I even kept the stick for about a year hoping that the scent would lessen, but to no avail! If it weren't for the overpowering scent, I might use it for travel and such. But I gave away the only stick I ever purchased years ago, and I have no plans to try it again.
  10. Arko performs IME! It is easy to generate a ton of protective lather. It is also tough to beat the price.

    The only question is the aroma: some love it, others hate it! Bottom line is that this is a MUST TRY IMHO!!
  11. troy

    troy Ambassador

    It performs well enough for me. Maybe slightly better than VDH, but the scent is a killer for me. It's not a horrible scent, but smells more like something you would use to clean and disinfect fixtures than something to apply to your face. For me there are to many $15 soaps that perform better, smell much better and last forever so cost per shave is still very cheap.
  12. Given its price, my expectations were low. The scent wasn't an issue for me and it lathered like a champ. For me, performance was above average but not as good as any Prorasos I've tried and continue to enjoy. The issue I had with it was that it dried out my skin to the point of discomfort so it's out for me.
  13. shave/brush

    shave/brush Contributor

    I think Arko is the easiest soap to make lather with. It is a great performer and I love the scent. I don't know where these people are coming from that think it's strong. It will always be in my den.
  14. bberg100

    bberg100 Moderator

    Great soap. Very polarizing though, few folks in the just OK category. I always take Arko when traveling, haven't found water it doesn't like, could even get a great lather with some spit.
  15. Mick

    Mick Contributor

    One of the best soaps you will ever use.

    If you don't like the scent, load your brush with a soap you like, then use Arko with that scented soap
  16. I use arko shave sticks from time to time. Especially for travel. Excellent performance.

    Not my favorite because of the scent but can’t beat it for the price. (I’m too lazy to want to mix soaps for better scent).
  17. Put me in the love it camp. Can’t go wrong with it and it’s performance for it cost is amazing. I even like the smell! Arko is good stuff and I use it often.
  18. Good soap, but I have 30 other soaps that are as good or better performers. I threw my last Arko stick under my shed a few years back to get rid of a groundhog.
  19. I'm in the love it group. At times to sample a new soap I just stick a bit of the new soap onto the top of my Arko stick. I can always tell when I'm breaking through to the Arko because the performance improves.

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