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Archival quality acid free tissue paper

Some time ago I received a SR that I purchased and when it arrived it was wrapped in some kind of paper inside the coffin box. It had the look and feel of something like waxed paper, but it was not the kind you use in the kitchen. Can someone advise what this paper likely was and where can I purchase some? I am assuming it was acid free paper. And on that note, is kitchen variety waxed paper suitable to wrap razors in for longer term storage?
Don’t presume. Haha. Acid free paper does not feel waxed.

google museum supply stores. The only issue might be you have to buy a fair bit at a time. And archival stuff tends to be a bit expensive.

If you have a big art supply store near you they might carry some stuff. Or be able to get it in.
Thinking outside the box. Go to a comic book store and buy a pack of Mylar comic bags. Mylar is pretty damn archival, and is used on all sorts of museum paper collections. Can’t see how it would hurt a razor.

Throw the razor in the bag and roll it up.
I don't know what the best solution is for long-term storage of straight razors is but you can get acid-free tissue paper fairly cheaply if you decide to go that route: Acid Free Tissue Paper (link goes to Amazon).
I have purchased straight razors from Japan and they were wrapped in VCI paper. He highly recommended it for high humidity areas.
It had the look and feel of something like waxed paper, but it was not the kind you use in the kitchen. [. . .] I am assuming it was acid free paper.
Perhaps it was glassine? Glassine looks like waxed paper and is pH neutral. "Acid free" is not always good because this could mean it's buffered with an alkali. Try storing some cyanotype prints (blueprints) in an acid-free storage box and see what happens--it will ruin them.

FWIW, I've used regular waxed paper for book cover protection over the years and haven't seen much shift in them as they age.
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As acid-free (alkaline buffered) storage acts nefariously on cyanotype prints, which involve a ferrous salt, I imagine that a similar situation might exist in storing carbon steel wrapped in alkaline-buffered paper over the long haul. Neutral pH would seem to be preferable, which would either remain neutral or migratr to a mild acidic state depending on the humidity level as stored.
Archival tissue is available buffered and unbuffered, not so very expensive. I think a box of 500 leaves was about $10 last time I ordered.
I would store in VCI though. Tissue does not prevent rust.
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