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Archaic Alchemy 1st Impressions

Hi all, Mrs. Renegade here. I wanted to do a little review of a soap that was given to me recently, my husband is going to help me type it out. The soap is Eureka by Archaic Alchemy

This soap was given to me by a friend who said he wasn't enjoying it much.


Items Used

• Eureka

• Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Lotion

• Maggards Vegan Brush

• Rockwell 6S


I couldn't find any note scents on it besides that it is an herbal tea bag that is supposed to be in the fougere family. I dont know what a fougere is so that wasn't very helpful to me.

Off of the puck, I get a fruity citrus scent, with spice in it. It reminds me of a little shop I visited in Mexico that was kind of like a farmers market. My husband says it smells like mango with lime and chili powder on top. Its not very strong but its very pleasant. Maybe a 6 for scent strength. The scent did not change for me in strength or profile once lathered.


This soap is very easy to lather, I loaded for a bit longer than I should've at about 45 seconds.That was enough to give me a two pass shave from my ankle to right above my knee. I did do another 45 for the other leg, mainly because i'm paranoid and would rather have too much than too little. It made a lot of thick lather, and was very easy to glide through. i did feel like if i wanted to shave or touch up a place with no soap left that I would have to put more though.

I have very sensitive skin, so the soap did dry my legs out a little, but the husband says it was fine for him on his face. I do always use lotion after I shave however, so it wasn't such a big deal for me. Because of the lotion, I can't tell you how long the scent lasted on me, husband said he could smell it on his face for about an hour afterwards but that might be different for you guys.


The main thing I didn't like about this soap is the jar. I shave my legs, so I use a bigger brush. The jar is very pretty, but it is filled to the top, and the mouth is not very wide. Because I wanted to make sure I got enough soap on my brush, I loaded extra. Since its filled to the brim, some lather kept falling out and it made me sad for wasting it.

The artisan contacted me to tell me that he was aware of the problem, that he has already purchased new tubs and they should go out next week. He showed me this image Bigger tub

The other thing is, I looked and saw that the soap is 11 USD. Shipping is 10+ USD. I think the price is very good, but I would have to buy more than one soap to justify the shipping for me. I don't think thats the vendors fault, as I know international shipping is expensive.

Final Thoughts

Do I like this soap? Yes. Did it perform well? Yes. Did it smell good? Yes. Would I buy it knowing what I know now? Yes, bonus points for being vegan and Mexican.


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Thanks guys I really enjoy doing these and it was fun working with my wife on this one

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