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FT Aramis and Gillette Super Thins

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I have an almost full bottle of Aramis (minus 3 squirts) and 89 Gillette Super Thin blades.

I would like to trade for some Astra Superior Platinum blades (Olive Green packaging). Conus only.


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Any takers? Could split them apart if necessary. Aramis is brand new but not my scent. The razors blades are fine but don't work for me which is interesting. When I first started the whole wet shaving thing, I got a bunch of sampler packs of blades. As I used them I made notes as to which one was the best/smoothest etc. These by far stood out among everything. I got a month worth of shaves out of single blade. So I ordered a 100. Now they do not work for me. I don't get it. Anyway...
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