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AR Pistols

Finished building this one several months ago it has never had a wrung-out other than a 20-round function check. Unfortunately the closest range (on a friend's rural property) is no more.

It must be a lot of fun too shoot. I hope you will find a place to enjoy it. You clearly put too much into it for it to sit in a safe.

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That looks nice. How far is the next closest range?

There are a number of great ranges in neighboring counties all are 40-50 miles away. Luckily one is offering membership specials and multiple day pass deals for veterans. $9 to shoot all day is a steal.
For the Spec-hungry...

Lower Receiver: Anderson Mfr.
Upper Receiver: Anderson Mfr. lightweight sporter (no dust cover or forward assist both useless anyway)
Barrel: Faxon 7.5" 556 NATO 1:8 Nitride
Handguard: STNGR "HWK" 10" with Strike Industries Angled Foregrip
Muzzle: KAK Industries slim line flash can
Bolt: Toolcraft Nickel Boron
Trigger: Right To Bear Arms and Supply Nickel Teflon
Charging: Radian Raptor LT
Optics: SIG Romeo5
Sights: Magpul MBUS
Safety: Trinity Force ambidextrous
Grip: Magpul K2
Buffer: Expo Arms H3 with Damage Industries enhanced carbine spring
Brace: Shockwave
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