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Aqua Velva Original Sport (Green)

Oddly enough I just used this before stumbling on this thread that has been brought back from the dead. Personally I get an Irish Spring vibe from it. Its alright by me.
I'm a fan, I wish it were available in the U.S. It's so much better than the blue which everyone seems to rave about. I like AV Musk too but I'll leave the blue on the store shelf.
This is the only AV I use, I have a ton of it so I use it often. It ticks off all the boxes for me; inexpensive enough, short-term green woody mossy frag, zero powder/talc, menthol, decent feel, good bracing action. The frag does have a soapy edge to it, somewhat reminiscent of the original Irish Spring soap, but it's deeper and more complex to my nose.
I have some of these I got in a Christmas gift set that included Ice Clue, as well. I hear people use this original sport as an aftershave, even though it's meant to be a cologne. I can't bring myself to use it as an aftershave exactly for that reason. Convince me to.
The bottles of Sport in the gift sets seen on Amazon were printed "Cologne", the bottles I have here say 'After Shave".
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