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Aqua Velva Opportunity

AV mixed 50/50 with witch hazel is one of my favorite splashes
Aqua Velva original is nothing like Skin Bracer and is quite low on the menthol unfortunately. The best way to describe it is mix Gillette splash with Irish Spring with a very weak menthol cooling factor. However with all things on this great forum YMMV. In the past I have sent a few bottles south of the border to a few members on here I will probably do that again sometime after this pandemic is over.
That's unfortunate I thought AV sport would have as much menthol as the blue one.
I've been saying this on these forums for a while, I don't know why people go to drugstores to buy after shaves they are ridiculously overpriced and lack variety. I tell them to go to Wal-Mart for the best prices/varieties. Aqua Velva is available year round at Wal-Mart stores at that price you don't even need to order it online if you don't want to. But I prefer Skin Bracer and it's $4.53 there vs the 8 bucks or so at CVS...
just put skin bracer on before reading this thread. sits on office desk near computer. no tax here in Oregon
Is the Aqua Velva Original Sport similar in any way to Skin Bracer or a brisk scent? I was going to order it from the Wal-Mart Canada website but they do not ship to the U.S. As for the Aqua Velva Ice Blue from Spain to me it smells the same as the U.S. version, But a lot more weaker in the potency and it also has a lot less menthol. I don't think for the price it is worth it, The only thing I like is the retro looking glass bottle.
I'm a glass bottle freak, a few years ago and way before eBay became the unofficial sales tax collector for the IRS, I purchased multiple bottles Skin Bracer & Aqua Velva at killer prices and the last current style glass bottle of Aqua Velva at my local Rite Aid Pharmacy. Easliy refilled with a small funnel and patience.

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