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April Photo contest.. should we skip it?

I do not know what is going on eslwhere, but may of the folks in the US are housebound for the duration of the virus thing.
Yea or Nay, shoud the willer of this month's contest skip April and post in May or go for wahat will be another shortened month?
I think we should still have it. Maybe we make it an indoor or backyard theme or maybe theme where we can post older images we've shot.


Moderator Emeritus
Make the theme "around the house" or something like that.

I remember a friend of mine had an exhibition of macro shots he took, crawling around in his backyard for a week with a Mamiya RB67. Looked great.
I think the winner should ultimately decide, but I also think we should do it. There are plenty of household subjects to shoot. Let your photographic MacGyver shine.
Yeah an around the house or backyard theme would be perfect. At least it’ll keep us entertained. Lol maybe multiple pictures allowed for this one.


Munted Old Cog
There's plenty of around the home stuff for subject matter. It would be nice to see this continue in these difficult times.