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Mail Call! Arrived today! I need get some better pictures. I gave it a cleaning with some palm lathering. I will work it into my rotation and report back. And, it is in my high school's team colors!

@Rudy Vey Thanks RV!



Totally bogus
Just wanted to drop a shout-out to Tony Miller for the "Steerhide Plain Vanilla and Cotton Strop".

I received it yesterday (or the day before), and it looks sweet.

I have not removed it from it's packaging yet, as I a do not want to stain or dirty the strop before using it.

Like I mentioned before - If I were to win the strop, I would be pushed to purchase a nice straight razor.

So now I am on the search for a nice, beginner, straight razor.

I would prefer:

6/8" half hollow
stainless steel (if possible)
round nose
black handle

I've got my eye on two straight-razors so far. And I would prefer to keep it around the $100 mark...if possible.

I have not received the Captains Choice products yet. But let me say, I love the CC Nor'Easter and Sandalwood scents.

Any recommendations on a straight razor with my specifications?

strop 01.jpg

strop 02.jpg


Totally bogus
Just wanted to conclude this thread with a huge shout-out to the vendors for this PIF.

I received both of the gifts, and I am pretty stoked!

Like I mentioned before, I told myself if I win this strop, I’d purchase a straight razor. (SR).

Sho Nuff...I won the strop...and I just purchased my first straight razor. (It should be arriving shortly).

As for the Captains Choice goodies...what can I say?

I love their products. I use their Nor’Easter and Sandalwood soaps and balms...and now I have the Nor’Easter aftershave. ❤

This makes TWO of their soap sample packs I now own. Two for their soaps, and one for their aftershaves.

Since I am already familiar with the scents, and since I have already settled on the two I use...I’ll do a PIF soon to give away the sample packs.

Heck...I have a few sample soaps from Southern Witchcraft as well, and I’ll give those away as well.

Gotta think how to give them away fairly. Maybe post a puzzle, and the first one to figure it out gets it.

Anyhoo...thanks again, vendors!!! (Tony Miller and Captains Choice).

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