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Approximate date of this Gillette Tech

I took a look at the listing: BIN, which should be ok to talk about. The ball-handle Tech looks a fair bit overpriced to me, and the Thin blades do not match the Blue blades illustrated on the packaging. They might still be original, but could also be a substitution.

Anyway it looks to be post-war, probably late 1950s. Pre-war tended to be fat-handle, and different packaging. Then contract Techs were made during the war. Here are some fine photos with similar packaging, courtesy of Achim. Starting from the 1950-51 it ought to have a date code. So should the blades, which might tell us something about their authenticity.

Note that the 1961 example has slightly different packaging and came with Super Blues instead of Blues, but shares the 49-cent price. It might be possible to narrow down the date based on those two observations. Also I see the patent number US2270388 on the package, which should have expired 1959-01-20. Based on this evidence I would guess 1957-59, but knowing the date code would be better.
Thanks! I passed on that auction because it was definitely overpriced. I have since found a few others that are more reasonable.
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