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Approved for my son: Astra SP & Muhle R89

On my birthday, both my sons said they would start shaving with a DE razor because of my enthusiasm for it.
My oldest son has a great job in China and decided to purchase Chinese gear.
The youngest studies at university and depends on his dad for funding his study, housing, etc.
I asked around at Badger & Blade and read a lot about best razor and blades for starters.
Although I have not been DE shaving for a very long time, my search for perfection has brought me to aggressive razors and sharp blades. The 4 weeks regime (imposed on me by some members here 😎) of shaving exclusively with the same razors and blades (beard and head) improved my technique a lot. Only after that I was able to effectively use the aggressive razors and blade I currently use.
It was clear to me my son could not start this passion with, say, a Muhle R41 loaded with a BIC.
My search for the razor and blade for him to start resulted in the purchase of the Muhle R89, Tabac soap, the Proraso Boar, a wooden lathering bowl and an Osma alum block. The only thing I had to decide was which blades I should give him. I have many blades in my drawer, but since many advised the Astra SP, I decided to give the blade a try, loaded in the R89.
Much to my surprise the razor and blade behaved really well. They obviously don't perform like my usual kit, but they delivered a nice shave, no nicks or irritation and acceptable boldness. I had to take care of some patches me and the razor and blade left behind, but overall I am very confident I chose the right starter kit for my son.
He's home for Christmas and I will show him how to shave like a real gentleman. I am looking forward to it.


Girls call me Makaluod
I feel that my father failed me in the shaving department by not first introducing me to traditional straight razor shaving. Because of that, I spent decades of missed daily enjoyment.

"Safety" razors were ok, but not as much fun.
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