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I must apologize to you all for not being around the last couple of months. Things at work have been, uhm, hectic as you may have seen in the news. US SOCOM has been buzzing as of late. And, yeah. It hasn't really died down. Plus with all the Congressional hearings and all, things have been interesting to say the least.

On a good note, some very cool projects I have been working have come to fruition. Like Tactically Deployed Data Centers. Pretty cool stuff we are doing. Makes life fun. Plus we have some exercises coming up too.

Rest assured, I am still smoking! Maybe now more than ever! :)

Be safe all. Carpe Noctem!
Certainly no apology is necessary. Life happens and in the big scheme of things, forum activity isn't at the top of the list, or maybe even the top five.
Nonetheless, it is good to hear you are well, despite the level of activity in strange times. I'm glad to hear you are getting your smoking in; tobacco is a terrible thing to waste, or some such.
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