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Apollo Mikron problem

Hi all you great members with great knowledge about my Mikron. I really dont know how it works! Cant get the knob off and dont know how to adjust that razor! Searched youtube but no luck with video that shows how to adjust and take the Mikron apart! Am I just stupid or is it something wrong with my new toy? :blush:

Thank you for all answers in advance!

What, you cannot get a blade in? Unscrew counter clockwise till the cap disengages, lift it out pop a blade on, back into the razor, screw knob clockwise till the adjustment knob zeros.
Oh, and make sure the notch on the cap matches up with those on the base of the razor so the mechanism works properly.
I can get a blade in and tighten the cap. But I cant get that knob off, knob just rotate when caps of. When cap on I cant adjust the knob.
When you screw it on does the meter zero? If you can unscrew the razor, it should be adjusting as well because the adjustment is just unscrewing it until it runs out of threads. The counter pressure is provided by a spring inside.
It's basically a sandwich with a spring in the middle. base plate, screw with spring in the middle, knob. It's just compressing or releasing tension on that spring inside. The knob on some is held in by a screw that is within the knob under the bottom cap, and maybe a retaining ring as well.
Now if the knob is moving but the base plate remains in a fixed position regardless of knob position relative to the scale, gunk of some sort must be in there. If the Mikron has one design fault, drainage is not a strong suit.
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