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Apollo Blades?

The ones in their classic section? They show those are original blades that are 60 years old - I wouldn't be too keen on using them for actual shaving. I've read on here before that those old blades were made of regular steel not stainless, so after all the heat/cold cycles and possible moisture they were exposed to the cutting edges have probably degraded.
Hmmm... Don't know how I missed that. Perhaps I was distracted by all the shiney, new shave gear.

On the German site, the description goes into more detail about the baldes being kept in optimum storage conditions, allowing MUHLE to offer the blades in 'like new' condition directly from the manufacturer. They further claim only Apollo was ever able to produce blades of Swedish steel to such a thin measurement.

Disclaimer: Having been raised in Canada, my German is not as good as it should be. Maybe one of the board's German members can provide a better summary- once done celebrating the win over Ireland today in our first UEFA qualifier :biggrin:
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