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AP Shaving Tux Synthetic

The above brush that I ordered from AP Shaving arrived this afternoon. I was surprised it came as fast as it did since I ordered it and it was shipped out on the 9th. Usually, shipments from Canada take longer.

I like the look and feel of the brush. It does not appear to be too floppy. I will take it out for its maiden voyage on Friday.

I was just reading a book about the competition between the Hudson's Bay Co & the upstart North West Co. for the synth trade in the late 18th, early 19th centuries in western Alberta. The great explorer and cartographer David Thompson blazing a trail through the Athabasca Pass in hot pursuit of the silver tipped Razorock pelt.
Took this brush out for its maiden voyage this A.M. Loads nicely and feels great on the face. I just wish it was a tad larger.

Agreed. Also had the 24mm Tux from AP Shave thrown in a Rudy Vey handle. Wish it was larger as well. It's ok although I much prefer my Maggard 26mm Plissoft over it.

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