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Aotearoa (NZ) Pass-around

I have the box lots of great stuff. After years of straight shaving I finally gave a DE a test drive and it was great! Hard to get right up under the nose tho. Will update when I have some more info to pass on. Enjoy the weekend everyone
The box will be off the Strangehat Tuesday.

Have taken out a soap, pen and adjustable razor. Put in a shaving bowl, Muhle synthetic brush, Shavette razor and Triump/disaster shaving cream.

Likes - DE razors (never used one before only straights), most of the shaving creams except the Poraso. Next round I would like to try some DE razors happy to have a test drive only. I think this is my 3rd or 4th time with the box it’s been great !

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Recieved box this morning. Woah, bigger than i remember!

Couldn't get away with much at work other than some soap sniffing and some fountain pen play, but looking forward to a proper mess around when i get home.
Been a rough Christmas, but managed to try pretty much everything I wanted to... will write a a proper review this week and get the box onto you Brian! Thanks guys
Sorry for such a delay guys - lot of in and out of hospital dramas.

But did manage to have great fun with the box. Some soaps I'd seen before, but was still a pleasure to give them a go again.

Picked 4 I had the most fun with (and hadn't tried before) for a bit of a review


Dr Jons:
Would normally skip over this in a shop, as the scent, while pleasant just didn't grab me. Foamed up lovely though, almost more like a cream than a soap. Was a LOT of growth to get through and while i used a bit more than I would normally to get it thick enough, was a really fun shave.

Cuero Oscuro:
Not a scent I would have thought I'd like after a sniff test, but loved how it stuck around after the shave, even after a moisturiser. Easy to get nice and thick and just nice and refreshing.

Liked the label. Loved the scent - old fashioned, and yes, somehow 'Eastern Block'... I didn't even know that Soviet Russia had a scent in my mind, but it worked. Don't remember a soap that was this thick, but easy to work with. Huge amounts of protection and my favourite from the box.

Again, unusual scent but enjoyable. While easy to work, felt a bit light and foamy at first - had to use more than i would have normally to get it thicker. Again, another enjoyable one.

While this round didn't have some of the crazier and unusual scents that I like to try, the more understated, 'old fasioned' i suppose, scents were a lot of fun. The pens were a unexpected joy to try and really wasn't expecting to keep one, but just fell in love with how it felt, and a big fat nib is one I hadn't ever tried before. I put a little something in the pen case for you as a thank you Brian.

As usual, a pleasure, thanks guys. Glad i was last on the list as I kept it for way too long!
Thanks for the review Grue, I'm pleased you enjoyed your time with the box.

I already have some serious plans for the next round and I hope the box will be on its way around the country by the middle of the year.

Any and all suggestions are welcome :)
Hello out there in shave land :)

The box has arrived back at my place and firstly I want to thank you all for playing and I hope to see you in the next round which will be about June/July.

I recieved a little present which is ******** awesome and I will be carrying it with me from now on; really cool thanks very much. It's actually on the table in front of me now and I keep playing with it, what's the bet I cut myself before the day is done.

The box is much lighter than it was when it left and that makes me very happy to see people finding stuff that they want to keep and of course adding stuff for the rest of us to play with, here I'm thinking of the razors that Duane added which I will be trying out this evening.

I also added quite a few soaps and I'm pleased to see someone liked them, the Arko came back like the bad smell it is but one day I'm sure I will find someone that loves the Turkish stink-bomb. It reminds me of my first adventures in DE shaving as does the smell of Cella.

There are things that have been in there for a few rounds that are coming out and the next round will include more ink and pens and of course beverage samples. Grue and I have sourced great containers, enough of them for everyone to have a good time.

What else .... always looking to have more people involved in this.


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I have been solely shaving with straights for close to 10 years. This time around I tried a DE for the first time and now that’s my thing :) thanks for the opportunity to sample some stuff again I look forward to the next round.

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