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Aotearoa (NZ) Pass-around

The List ... please add your name if you want to play too :)
Uncle Brian - Katikati
^sheep^ - Hamilton
Grue - New Plymouth
Fat Larry - Wellington
On July 1st 2014 newbilong posted ...
"If we can find four or five members in New Zealand, we'll have enough to start a pass-around. Is anyone up for it?"
Bloody box is still going after 5 years which isn't a bad a effort.
Box arrived monday! Forgot to post to let you guys know. Lot bigger box than i remember....

Some I'd seen before, but more than enough new bits to keep me interested, and handful of spicey/unusual scents that are right up my alley. Nice to see a lot of hardware in there as well.

Will report back!
Oh yeah.... I've got a big bottle of Barbercide in my cupboard. Can decant into small bottles if anyone wants some - drop us a pm
Box received, cheers Grue.

The two boar brushes with the lose knots, does whoever put them in mind if i rehandle them in wood? I've been turning a few this year.

Let me know who's up next.
At this point you are the last person on the list so I guess that unless someone else wants to play it comes back to me. So if anyone is interested say so now :)
Spent most of my time this box in the sampler selection. Some really nice ones in there. Particuarly taken with the 'Frostbite' - might be my next purchase when current supplies are running low. Always happily surprised by the amount of new things to try in the magix box, even after a few rounds.

Sorry again for long turn around Larry, was not expecting this month to go the way it did!
If Fat Larry is the last person in this round I shall put it aside until 2020. I expect to start asking who wants to play for 2020 in january and have it on its way by the end of the month.
If anyone has any suggestions for the box please leave a post or send me a pm. All suggestions are seriously considered even the silly ones, I like silly off the wall idaes, my favorite was the suggestion of whiskey samples :)
Box has arrived :) bigger than I remember and there is some interesting stuff in it. I shall be having a big clean out and then getting it ready for its next round. I also have a box of left over stuff from previous rounds so I will sort that out too ... next box is not going to be any smaller unless I get brutal !


Moderator Emeritus
Thanks for keeping this running chaps. What a fantastic passaround this has been.
I just hope we can keep this going ... so far it's gone well and I hope the next round will be interesting for those that participate.
If anyone has any good ideas for the passaround I would be keen to hear them.


I’m stumped
I'm growing some Bhut Jolokia and Habaneros this year to make hot sauce.
Some crazy kiwi MustHab hot sauce with Bhut Jolokia to kick the heat up a bit could be a hot item for the box.

Pickled onions, now that's a tasty treat.
All green lip mussels will be inhaled over the Christmas period, so won't be any left anyway.
Hot sauce is a great idea, just don't mistake it for Post Shave Balm :)
I have made hot sauce with Carolina Reapers and boy is that stuff hot!
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