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Aotearoa (NZ) Pass-around

If we can find four or five members in New Zealand, we'll have enough to start a pass-around. Is anyone up for it?
Keen as. I was part of the travelling box of goodies from Chile earlier this year and it was a great idea and I am sure I can add a few things to it.
Great - i've had another couple of people pm about how this works. Here's the idea (adapted from another thread):

There is a box- THE box- filled with (mostly) shaving goodies. This box is sent from one participant to the next, each person taking out a few items and putting in a few items. It is hoped that outgoing and incoming will be of similar value. When we get a quorum I will ask everyone for their info including a phone number an email. A list of the order will be published here. Each participant will be asked to contact the next person on the list for his info in order to send him the box. I will keep the master list with all the info, and ask that a couple other people also keep said list. When we get to the end, we can send it round again and people can join or exit the list.

To start the box off, the idea is that people contribute something - i'm happy to collect donations unless someone has some free time to do this. I already have a few goodies to put in the box, and it sounds like duanek and redzone do too.

We just need a couple more members and we're off.
Hi guys - let me know if there are any products from over the ditch you want to try and I will see what I can do to help :)
That's a generous thought Mark. If this passaround and Andy's Aussie one work, we might try a trans-Tasman exchange down the line.
Yep, I'm in.

Scott, was about to send you an email but looks like you're already in. :D
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Ok, we have a quorum, and i'm hoping Kiwimike will join in too. I'll start compiling a box. Do you others want to send things to put in the box at the beginning, or do you want to build it as it goes?
Yep, im in, sounds like a great idea Andrew.
Thanks for initiating this.
I have a few things ready to go so Im happy to send them to you Andrew.
If we all send in items to get the box started it means we then have greater choice.
Names out of a hat for first recipient?
Fantastic - i'll pm you all with my address for initial contributions. There are a couple of donations on their way to me already, so we should have good box going and hopefully we can make it last a few rounds.

Just to clarify - i'll send a box out and people should take something from the box and put something back, so don't send me all your goodies - just a contribution to get this thing going if you can spare something.
Thanks everyone for your donations. We're going to have a great box of goodies.

If anyone else is keen to join in, please put your hand up by Sunday evening.
Sorry, been a bit busy painting and sorting out issues with my property manager.

I've been meaning to ask about the finer points as to how this all works.

1) Do items need to be new or can they be used?
2) Are items used and then put back in, or, once someone claims an item is that item permanently removed from the box?

Hope those questions make sense?
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