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AOS Travel Brush

I just want to say I got the art of shaving travel brush. This little brush has become one of my favorites. Holds lot of cream feels great and comes in a container. All in all it's the size of a prescription bill bottle, or slightly taller. $00670535510642.png
I like smaller brushes alot...have a Simpson Wee Scott and store it in a prescription bottle when I travel. I think the Wee Scott is a 14 mm knot, a 35 mm loft and a total height of 67 mm...a tad too small for everyday use for me but a joy on the road.

Do you know the size of the AOS brush?
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I just picked up their rose gold fine badger brush last week and I LOVE it! I have been in the market for a travel brush, if you could update periodically with any new developments, ill follow this thread. :thumbup:
I travel a lot and, like the other posters, enjoy a smaller brush. So much better for traveling. I love my full size brushes when at home base, but when traveling it's great to get a good shave with a travel friendly brush.
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