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AoS Strop question

recently I purchased a Dovo strop from AoS (I know I know, over priced, but I like their products). I just started my straight shaving adventures....my question is, I was told to do no more than 6 laps. Everywhere I read, or see (youtube) people are doing 25-50 laps. Did I get bad info from AoS? thanks

Also, for those who have bought one of their strops and have others... how does it compare to other brands?
I'd say 50-60 laps before and after shaving. After shaving I also do 25 laps on the linen/cotton side of the strop. Unfortunately some Dovo strops doesn't have a linen side, my Dovo XL strop doesn't. You can make your own with some denim from a pair of worn out jeans.
When it comes to quality my Dovo strop isn't bad but I've got cheaper strops that are better.
6 laps really isn't going to do anything for you even if it was pasted. If you like the products, that's great, but I honestly wouldn't listen to their advice. Most of them have never even seen that stuff until they started working there. That's just the way retail works sometimes.

I'm pretty much with Polarbeard on the numbers. I usually do about 20 or so on my "linen" after a shave. Then 20 "linen" and around 50 to 60 on the leather before a shave.
I don't have a true linen, just the poly, but it helps make sure the blade is clean (at least in my weird mind) before putting it away.

Remember to take it slow since you are fairly new. You don't want to roll your edge or cut your strop. Take it easy and make sure your strokes are smooth and even. This will build your muscle memory and it will become easier and more efficient before you know it. :thumbsup:
I think 20 is the magic number, if you are stropping properly. That seems to be the point where the edge comes around to feeling uniform across its length as the steel passes back and forth. For imperfect stropping, more laps are necessary, but this has its own inherent challenges . . . .

Congrats on your new strop. Enjoy!


Ask me about shaving naked!
On the Kanoyama, I do 20 linen/40 leather after honing. After shaving I do 10 linen 20 leather. Seems to keep the edge going as well as anything else except abrasives.

Cheers, Steve
I do 10 linen then 20 leather post shave. Preshave i do 10 linen and 50 leather. I can go a month or more before resorting to the pasted side of my strop. And when i do hit the pasted side its only for about 8 turns or so then back to regular stropping. I can get a few months off a razor easily before having to hit a touchup on the hones.
20-25 swipes on fabric and 50 or so on leather before shave. About 15 on fabric afterwards. Maybe a few extra on the leather. No pastes, no diamond dust, no ancillary abrasives. My edges do well
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