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AOS Silvertip Help!

Would like to spend a hundred, hundred fifty bucks on a nice second brush but....what I don't want to do is spend big money "on-line" and hope I like the brush when it arrives. I currently own an AOS silvertip that I'm very pleased with so....stopped by the local AOS today as its the only hands on shave shop in my area (I understanding they are over priced). Really liked what they call their "Silvertip 4.5 in fan shape. They want $250 for the brush. I'm certain I can find the same quality for much less, just not familiar with other manufactures. Right now I have my eye on a Thater 4125/0 or 4125/1 silvertip fan shape. Would love to here any thoughts....please.

If you are willing to dish out that much cash, I would suggest a Simpson Chubby 3 in the super grade. I myself have never tried the brush, but when I get the money worked up again, I am planning to buy one for sure. I have heard many great things about this brush, even though it is very big. It is known to be one of the densest brushes PERIOD, very luxurious. I would also suggest checking out the Simpson's site, and the manufacturer Shavemac, which makes brushes to a very high standard of quality that I can testify to myself.
AoS is overpriced. I understand taking the chance online, I'm the same way. But with the BST option, you can take a chance on a $100 brush. If you don't like it, you can get 80-75% back. You can do this a few times until you find what you like and still end up ahead compare to what you'd pay for the AoS brush.
Try E-Shave Silvertip ($150). I have the Fine version (Fine in E-Shave terms is their lowest grade.) It is still very nice however! Just some food for thought...
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