AOS Shave Cream volume not what it seems

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    There have been a lot of threads over the years about relative value of the different shaving cream brands and what gives you more for the money. I'm not looking to rehash that here. I just want to point out something I just learned about AOS shave creams and some optical illusions the company is playing.

    I hit the bottom of the AOS Lavender cream container the other day. I was surprised to see that the AOS containers have a false bottom! While they look so much larger than other companies containers such as TOBS, T&H, and Trumpers, it's actually not true.

    Photos are below. Here are the measurements I came up with:
    • AOS container: outside measurement - 2.9 inches; inside measurement - 2.0 inches
    • TOBS container: outside and inside measurements - 2.1 inches
    Wow, there's almost an inch of dead space in the AOS container! Yes, I know that they each list their weights/volumes on the container, with AOS at 5.0 fl oz and TOBS at 5.3 fl oz. However, I bet most people buy by what they perceive and the AOS false bottom is clearly designed to give people the perception that you get more with AOS, when the truth is actually the opposite.

    To me, this seems a bit unseemly. I think I'll stick with TOBS and T&H. 20190814_195314.jpg 20190814_195341.jpg
  1. bberg100

    bberg100 Moderator

    Fairly common. Soap Commader is one off the top my head uses the same container as AOS.
  2. Have you cracked it open?
    Maybe there are blood diamonds, or heroin between the layers.

    Hmmm - I wonder if it could be turned into a DIY modern scuttle?
  3. Really? I've never seen it in other products. I'll have to pay attention next time I'm at the shave store.

    The practice seems pretty cheesy.
  4. evnpar

    evnpar Contributor

    I much prefer the double layer insulated AOS container. You'll find the same container used with other high end creams, such as SMN, XPEC, and Esbjerg.
  5. Ok, I'll bite. What's the purpose of a "double layer insulated container" for shave cream? I would think they would advertise its use.
  6. [QUOTE="John Rose, post: 10323982,

    Hmmm - I wonder if it could be turned into a DIY modern scuttle?[/QUOTE]
    I don't see why not....
    Agreed. This is the kind of thing "Consumer's Reports" "exposed" (for lack of a better term) in the back of their magazines when I subscribed. Wonder if they still do?
  7. Personally, I hate oversized containers. However, it has nothing to do with making me think I am getting more soap than I actually am. I have about 120 soaps in my den. If containers are larger than necessary for the amount of soap provided, it is just wasted space on the shelf. I want just enough extra space in the container to allow me to load the brush without making an awful mess of things.
  8. emwolf

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    My first jar of AOS I dropped and it cracked it open. I was shocked at first, but realized it's common for women's cosmetics, why not men's?
  9. For $5 an ounce, it should be an amazing cream and be packaged accordingly.
  10. sarimento1

    sarimento1 Contributor

    Indeed, IMHO, AOS creams are great!

    art of shaving ocean kelp feather august 1 2019.jpg
  11. Plus the extra sized container helps fill the landfill sooner. Honestly, if we all cared as much as we say we do, we'd buy nothing but soap pucks and re-use a container we own to hold them.
  12. sarimento1

    sarimento1 Contributor

    amazing shave today with AOS oud shave cream, generated huge volume of thick, slick, scented lather.

    art of shaving oud schulze friday august 22 2019.jpg
  13. That was one of my reasons for going from goo to Surrey pucks, lol. If you only used Haslinger, you'd be close to ideal.

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