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AOS Rosemary EO hair conditioner

Anyone use this? I got a sample of it, and I gotta tell you I was impressed. Very tingly on the scalp, and my hair felt wicked soft afterward. After a couple of weeks of being beaten up by Avalon Organics, this was a really nice, unexpected surprise.
i tried the same stuff. i liked it! i'm not really one to shell out on hair care products (what little hair i do have is thinning), but this was an outstanding product.
I liked it as well.........some claim that in time it will strip your hair, I found it to be very moisturizing.
I love rosemary so I think I'll definitely be giving this stuff a try! Every time I walk past a rosemary bush I always snag a few leaves and just roll them around in my hands so they smell all nice.
I cant help but recommend Mama Bears Rosemary/Mint Shampoo!! The stuff smells like you could eat it! Feels so great all lathered up in your hair aswell!
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