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AOS adds, drops aftershaves

Got the email today, The Art of Shaving is dropping its aftershave gels and adding aftershave lotions of same scents.
Lotions have emollients but no alcohol, reported to be lighter than the gels.
New plastic pump package.
Remaining gels in stock reduced to half price.
New lotions at same price as old gels with temporary 20 pct intro discount.
Most stores are already out of stock in the old sandalwood gels.

$Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 4.05.35 PM.jpg
This also means be on the lookout at your local TJ Maxx, Ross, or Marshalls for these close-out deals.
well, i tried the new balms/lotions at the AOS store, and ended up getting the lemon and the lavender, which both seemed to be really nice and strongly scented.
for whatever reason, the sandalwood did not seem to have the strength of the gel, so I passed on that one.
but these new lotions are pretty nice, much less 'sticky' than either the current balm or previous gel. seem especially well suited for warm climate.
they are sort of a hybrid between a balm, gel and lotion, but without any alcohol.
if you've ever tried their ocean kelp lotion, this would be similar consistency.
what i didn't like, is the new plastic container. certainly durable enough, but just without the 'class' of their other glass bottles.
pricing at $40 for 100ml is not cheap, but on par with Harris and (bit lower than) T&H.

I love the balm but never had any affinity for the gel. I may swing by to see what the lotion feels like, but with two balms in the house already I dunno if I will pick some up.

Did the make a lotion of Ocean Kelp? That one was never a balm but it is a nice scent
So... now they sell after shave lotions and after shave balms??? What's the difference?

If I understand things correctly they are thinner than the balms but thicker than the older gels, none of which I have tried. sarimento1 calls them an alcohol-free balm/gel/lotion hybrid in his above post.
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