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ANZAC Test Kiwis vs Kangaroos


I’m stumped
The Australian Kangaroos vs New Zealand Kiwis Friday May 5 at GIO Stadium, Canberra.

I don't normally watch rugby league but love the passion test matches bring in this trans tasman battle.

I have trouble watching league I'm a union lad..., still should be a good game.

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Same here. The wife on the other hand is a big league fan. She yells so load at the TV, I have to remind her they can't hear her. :crazy:

Yes union is more civilised...

I've yelled at the telly a few times.

At least League isn't Soccer....

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I’m stumped
yep, that's my league watching over for the year as well. Now back to watching my team lose to NZ teams. Go Brumbies!

The Brumbies are a good team, you win some you lose some.
I'm a Hurricanes supporter, they are not doing too bad this year.

The British Loins tour here next month, that should be some good rugby.
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