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ANZ Soap Sample Pass Around


It’s taken some time but I’ve finally found a good core of soaps that really work for me. Along the way there have been a few missteps. I tried these products due to some good reviews so rather than hoard them away in a cupboard I’d let to send them on to someone else to try.

Rules of the PIF.
1. Take as may samples as you like.
2. Scoop or cut your samples and don’t load from the bowl.
3. Add something to the box
4. Pass it forward.

Try to take your samples and pass it on within a week to keep it moving.

Send me a PM with your shipping address if your in. First come first served. Shipping is to Australia & New Zealand only to keep the cost and shipping times down. I’d like for as many people as possible to get to try these.

Thanks, Tom

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The Aussie Bulldog
Nice idea. I have not tried any of those soaps. Hopefully some of the members out here will jump on board.


The Aussie Bulldog
I am in for Arko August. It is nearly over. If no one takes up the box by the start of September I will definitely give it a go. There are plenty of members in Melbourne who should jump on this before me.
I know a few guys here in adelaide that could be keen. I owe andrew a little something for his starter kit for me a while back :)
Ok, I send you my info in a PM. I can toss some stuff to the box, several APR, and some other stuff like from spain, harder to get :)

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