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Anywhere in Los Angeles?

Hello everyone new here.

Anyone know of ANYwhere in Los Angeles to pick up a safety razor? I'd ultimately like to get a Merkur Futur since it fits my style, but since I am just starting in this whole wet shaving endeavor I suppose anything would be good to start with.

I have a cheap brush and some Crabtree and Evelynn Sweet Almond Oil Cream and some Nutrogena aftershave left over from my days with the Mach3 Power, but I'm ready to ditch the M3Power and not look back, but I cannot find a place to get a safety razor.

I live in the Torrance area if that helps, but I am willing to travel, as long as the place is open normal business hours, or else it will have to be this weekend, but i need a shave! and I dont want to buy any more M3 razors and I'm out!:eek:
That's a little further than I had planned to drive Palm Springs is about 2 hours from me. In San Pedro, almost as far as one could get west of PS.

I was thinking more along the lines of L.A. Proper or Orange County.
Definately post if you find out a place!!! I'm flying JetBlue into Burbank tomorrow and would LOVE to do some razor/shaving shopping while I'm out there.
Anywhere in the Beverly Center, Westwood Pavillion, or The Grove that sells knives/razors?
Those prices are a bit elevated in comparison to the prices to which I am accustomed. Perhaps this is the price of instantaneous gratification versus e-tailing/mail order? You may wish to look here or here or here for the sake of comparison.
In light of my travel experience with a single double edge blade (it was not allowed), I had to buy a 10-pack of Merkurs at the new TAOS shop in LA. For a mind-boggling $9.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I really didn't want to risk trying the only other option I found, which were apparently Russian-made Gillette blades, for $5.00 at another high-end pharmacy.)

At least the rest of the blades didn't go to waste... I gave 'em to my dad who's getting into this whole wetshave thing.
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