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Anything salvageable?


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Hone it. DO NOT TAPE. The edge has rotted away a lot, and your bevel angle is very obtuse, so you need to get that spine thinner. Do not store a razor with gassing celluloid scales in a coffin. Leave it out where it can ventilate, and paint the inner face of the scales with epoxy. Try not to get any on the outer surface. You can slow down the rate of attack considerably. When you shut it up inside a coffin you are confining it and the corrosive gasses from the scales together. Bad thing.

You can make a shaver out of it. Or you can cast new scales in epoxy or a casting resin, and incorporate the jewelry in the new scales. Or make some good looking scales with the jewelry, and pin the old razor between some acrylic scales just so you can shave with it.

Don't bother with the pitting. Not worth it. Just keep the razor oiled and prevent rust taking a hold.

If you can't be bothered, cool, but you could PIF it to somebody who might make use of it or parts of it. Those bolsers are pretty cool.
Thanks for the intelligent info!
I was thinking the same thing as Slash. If you pinned that blade to some new scales, I bet it would hone up just fine. The biggest problem is the nick at the toe. You'd have to hone it all the way down to the shoulder, but I bet it could be made to shave just fine at that point.

I have no experience honing anything with that much damage, but that's what I would do. If it doesn't pan out, all you've lost is a little time.
Thanks. You know how people say "the pictures don't do it justice". I think this is similar but in this case don't do the damage justice. Rust and pitting I know how to deal with. Swiss cheese and a blade that crumbles in your fingers is a good bit different though. Getting back into good steel, which is there, does not leave the razor in a condition I would want to keep and use it for shaving. Like I said before, I have other uses for beater blades that are no longer suited for shaving, so it is not going in the trash - don't let that bother you.