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Anything close to Astors?

So I've been working my way through my Try-A-Blade super pack of sample blades after about 3 months of experience DE shaving. :blink:

Somebody mentioned in a thread that you should start with a blade that works for you (Astra SP), then compare blades against that one, and replace the original if you find one that works better.

This was working great! I put everything in alphabetical order, and dedicated a notebook to taking notes (with a Pilot Custom 74' fine nib, and Iroshizuku Shin-Kai for those interested in fountain pens!)

I made it all the way to the Bic Astor, and liked it. Good shaves with very little irritation. (Not necessarily BBS, but I'll attribute a lot of issues to my still-developing technique.) Problem is, I can't find them anywhere!

The other problem is, I don't feel like I know enough about this to know why I liked it so well! I'm a little nervous about going for a sharper blade, but maybe that's what I liked about it?

Does anyone have a suggestion, or a similar blade to the Astor that I could experiment with?

Thank you. I saw those, but didn't know if the vintage ones were the same as the sample that I received.

Are these out of production?
I believe they are the same. I am not sure if they are currently in production.

I recently received a five pack tuck of Astor blades on carded blister pack the cardboard box
is the same as the one shown in the 100 pack box.
Go to eBay and search "astor blades". Scroll through the vintage selections of that is not what you want. There is newer-package selection available in various quantities; 5, 10, ..., 100. Select 100. $27, 17 GBP.
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