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Anyone worried about Shavepocalypse?

I am. Stocking up in advance!
Thanks spoken! I had to grind her down with a Dremel tool because she was in bad shape. Then I shined with Flitz metal polish. It's a "New"


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Iam in!
Was just thinking the other day how low does the bottle of as go before you panic
I used to. I bought a pair of L'Occtaine synthetic brushes back when they went out of production as a just in case. One is still sitting in my shave storage unused. For some reason I always find something new and wonderful.

The universe provides. In the event of the Zombie Apocalypse I a plan on making shave soap using fat from the animals I snare and potash, and using aloe as aftershave. Also, I'll be scavenging for my own hones and shaving with whatever piece of steel I sharpen on them.


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I have enough shaving stuff to last me until I die. I can't stop buying razors and cheap brushes. Why I don't know. It is just how it is.


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Worried, no, but it has advised my choices.

I have one straight, and two hollow ground SE razors that each have a spare blade. All these take is an occasional sharpen to keep providing decent shaves.

My preference though is DE. Good blades are being made by different companies in various countries around the world. Even if two factories closed, there's still plenty of options out there. Any slow downs would become clear, and give chance to get extra stocks in. Even if every single factory shut at the same time, I still wouldn't need to be concerned for a decade and a half. As to razors, I have four, and and looking at buying another next year. I'll never need to buy another after that.

My shavette takes half DE blades, and that is intentional. SE blades are made by fewer companies, and therefore are at significantly higher risk of suddenly stopping IMHO. That's one of the reasons that I haven't explored disposable SE razors. This is where I see any shavepocolypse having the greatest effect. Sticking to DE, means I only need stocks of one type of disposable blade.

Soaps, aftershaves, and other lotions and potions, worry me far less. There'll always be something around I can use. Shaving sticks don't need brushes either, so that's another thing I don't need to concern myself with.
I was more concerned a few years ago. Now, I'm more worried about it's popularity in a sense. Vicco - my favourite shave creme - used to be £1.80 from India, now it's 6 quid !


I'm a Lumberjack.
People are pretty well groomed on the walking dead. Notice how white their teeth are as well. So i think we will be ok. :)
I’m worried about you, you wrote “bottle”, not “bottles”. Do we worry as soon as we open our next bottle?
One of my bottles has somehow gone to about 1/4 full. Yes panic set it. A new one was ordered in my state of panic.

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Pfff! Worried? :001_tongu

I will have the first radioactive squirrel tallow soap!

Lathers, protects, sterilizes!

smells kinda gamy

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