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Anyone use Stirling Witch Hazel and Aloe?

I am considering trying Stirling’s Witch Hazel and Aloe products. I often apply plain witch hazel prior to aftershave. I am going to try Stirling’s mentholated WH&A for when I follow with a non menthol AS, but was wondering how their scented WH&A products are. Any one have any experience with these?
I have the Bay Rum and the Vetiver, but they are not mentholated.
The scents are simple and rather dark and strong, and I think they’d make great bases for home-made aftershaves. (Add some essential oils to give them more complexity)
I have the Port Au Prince and like it.

Can add some menthol crystals to it for a more cooling effect, if that is what you like. I have done that with my other witch hazel.
I have unscented Stirling witch hazel with menthol and the Bay Rum. I use the unscented a lot. The Bay Rum has mostly an orange scent. Good stuff.
Stirling scents are top notch. While I’ve never used te WH&Aloe splash, I do keep a bottle of plain witch hazel and aloe juice blend handy for angry skin days. I would love it if it smelt like one of Stirling’s scents!
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