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Anyone use just one?

I did when I first started out a couple of months ago. . . and then I found B&B.:ohmy: I already have multiples of everything. And of course I have to use them or else I wasted my money!:wink1:
I only have one DE, Muhle R89 and only use Astra blades
But these don't get used much now that I found straight shaving
Only one brush until bobfavour finishes my new custom brush this week :thumbup:

And only have two straights, Dovo Best and Hart Steel....but this will likely be 3 soon and then 4 and 5 (RAD is awesome!)

Soaps are another story.....might have a "few" soaps......like 5 or 7 or 10 :biggrin1:
More or less. After five months I'm nearing the bottom of my first tub of TOBS Sandalwood cream, but I like it so much that I'll probably buy another. Plus I bought the TOBS Sandalwood aftershave so that the fragrances match, and that will last a *long* time. I'm happy with my Simpson Special pure badger brush, and it's nicely broken in now. I also love my Merkur HD, and have settled on Personna Med Preps.

That was me set until I recently inherited a 1960s Gillette alu Tech, and found that the Feather blades which I'd consigned to the cupboard work really well with it...
I occasionally will try another blade if I need to add a few dollars to the cart to get free shipping from a vendor (recently Bolzano & Kai), but I really only use Feathers. I used to alternate with Med Preps but now I've got a couple of hundred of those that I rarely touch.


I did when I first started out a couple of months ago. . . and then I found B&B.:ohmy: I already have multiples of everything. And of course I have to use them or else I wasted my money!:wink1:
+1 For me having multiple creams, soaps, and brushes makes shaving a lot less boring. There is so much good shaving stuff out there that if you are not careful the AD bug will come and bite you on the rear.

I wish I could, but I'm too obsessive. I like to have a spare, so I have three techs (which cost me a total of $30, so no big deal). I also have a DE89 and a Feather Popular, and my Grandfather's old blue-tip SS. On second thought, I guess I prefer having the rotation to just having one razor. But I'd be pretty happy with just a tech, some Astras, an Arko stick, and nothing else.
For the past year I only used a Super Adjustable, Red Personnas, Semogue 1305, C&E Sandalwood Soap, and either Old Spice or Bay Rum.

Recently changed it up and got a Slim Adjustable and restored an ever-ready brush with a nice grade A silvertip knot. Going to change it up and use AOS Lavendar Cream/Balm until it's gone. I am giving my trusty super adjustable away to a friend to get him started. The 1305 stays with me :D
I am using exclusively a 1960 flare tip ss and an omega 49 brush only at the moment mainly as they are what I have acquired so far I own a Lord L6 but haven't used it in a while as I much prefer the balance and handle length on the SS. I plan to grab a more aggressive razor, and a badger brush at some point. Only been at this for a couple of months though.
Yes and no for whether I stick with one setup. I have two complete shaving setups, one at the house and another across the state at the apartment near my job. Those setups change as products get consumed. I haven't selected "the one" setup but I'm not having to puzzle over shave recipes every day.

For the first six months of DE shaving, components of each setup changed very little. The vintage Gillettes I was buying all shaved about the same, so I stopped getting any more and put an old Gillette red tip at each location along with a single boar brush and called it good. The local grocery store only stocks Williams shaving soap and it was cheap, thus my default. Sometimes I would get VDH from Walmart or Walgreens as it seemed to lather better in hard water. The blades were mostly what I had picked up at the local discount store or from a blade sampler pack I got when I first started DE shaving. Aftershaves were Brute or Old Spice that I had been given in the past and but not used.

Then the AD's hit in October of 2011. I started innocently enough with me wanting to replace the coffee cups I was using with real shaving mugs. Web searches for "shaving mug" brought results for "shaving mug soap." Obviously getting more shaving soaps was going to require more shaving mugs... Thus I was rotating through several soaps at each location. That was really about the most variety I had in my shave.

In February I discovered the 2012 Shaving Products Purchase Sabbatical and decided to sign up for public ridicule when I fall off the wagon. I also decided to give up my beloved DE razors for Lent and as an incentive to use up the cartridges and cans of goo left over from the dark years before I discovered real shaving. I'll go back to my DE razors and probably Mama Bear soap for the rest of the year.
I love doing research and exploring new things, but once I find what I like I tend to become a creature of habit with only occasional deviations from a norm. Anyone else have this same bent?
I am with you Ruston. As soon as I get my set up for what works for me, I will only use it. The biggest variety I may go is maybe some products for the summer and some for the winter being that my skin conditions change during the year. Apart from that, the idea of a "rotation" is foreign to me.
Certainly not me, but I know someone who said he started using a DE (before me) to save money and has actually succeeded.

His lineup is:
Merkur HD
Feather blade
Simpson Colonel brush, which I gave him, to replaced the Rooney brush, which I gave him, to replace his original cheapo brush that he would still be using.
Cella, which I gave him, to replace the VB sandalwood cream I gave him in exchange for the TOBS cream he was using.

For the record, he is not a member of this or any other shaving forum.
When I first started, I went through the phase of rotating supplies every shave. I found this very tiresome and it also made it difficult to determine whether it was my technique that needed work or if my unsatisfactory shave was caused my the new shave gear. Now I have pretty much settled on an EJ razor, astra blades, a custom badger brush, and razo rock shave soap.
No---I like the variety of having a few different tools I can shave with. It might be a str8, or one of 2 DE's. Same with cream/soap, although it's usually Proraso or AOS unscented. AS is another subject entirely----it would be hard to settle on one, but if forced to, it would be just Clubman and Nivea for Men :D
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