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Anyone use Baldessarini by Hugo Boss?

I received this cologne as a gift from a friend of mine and have absolutely loved it for a couple years now. I haven't seen anyone talking about it, nor is there a review.

Anyone else a Baldessarini fan?
Never heard of it before, and I've never seen it in any stores (both online and brick & mortar)...what does it smell like?
They're not all bad, the one that is called Hugo by Hugo Boss (I think...it comes in the Silver box, and is not the little ball thingy) smells pretty good...
As far as vanilla-smelling department-store scents go (I'm not a big fan of sweet-smelling scents, nor of modern synthetics), it's (IMO) pretty tolerable (a *huge* compliment coming fomr me with respect to vanilla/tonka scents); one of the few vanillas I could actually wear if I had to.
It's hard to describe the scent, though I wouldn't say vanilla was a strong component of it. It goes fairly well after a sandalwood soap shave.

I find it to be subtle, and somewhat mild. A nice warm scent, one spritz lasts the entire day but doesn't overpower in the morning.

My wife just says it smells "masculine." So I'm not complaining :wink:
I like the smell of it. I got mine from Marshall's while I was looking for that overlooked Floris ELite
As long as the ladies like the smell...what else matters..of course you too..BUT SECONDARILY
The Amber version is pretty good. The girlfriend likes it a lot on me. I think you can pick it up fairly cheaply at discount outlets.
My wife presented me with a bottle that she found at Ross when I first started collecting shaving items. She would find stuff and bring it home to me..........what a sweetheart even after 22 years.........anyway I like to use it when we go out together as she really loves the scent more than I do.... not bad but a bit sweet for my taste. I have the aftershave version btw
I used to wear it quite a bit, and my girlfriend really likes it. I'll have to try it out tonight and see what I think again.

They normally have it at TJ Maxx, and they used to have the Silver bottle version of it, which I'm not sure if it was a stronger version, like the Bulgari Extreme of the Bulgari cologne, or what.
Yeah, I know, old topic.

Today I got a sample Baldessarini cool force sport, 1 ml
Eau de toilet by Mäurer & Wirtz.
It smells nice, but it seems rather expensive at the dutch online stores, +/- €45 50ml