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anyone try the parker 69cr?

I ordered this razor. it comes with a parker OPEN COMB AND CLOSED COMB HEAD. The razor handle is brass chrome plated and it's a very interesting looking handle. I have not shaved with it yet, but it costs me around 40 bucks. 2 heads, one brass handle seemed like a good deal to me. anyone use this razor? may I have your thoughts on it or parker de razors in general?
I began my de razor journey with a Parker 90r. It provided good shaves while I learned how to shave with a de. I was quite happy with my Parker razor, I hope you are with yours, as well. Interesting you will be able to try both closed comb & open comb. Enjoy!
I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Parker TTO, and Varient. Both were great razors and a good price too.


I Waxed The Badger.
I don't currently own any Parker razors. I have owned them but I think at the wrong time in my shaving journey. If I owned them now I am sure I'd find it a middle of the road razor aggression wise. The 99R came to me to early in my journey. It was heavy and aggressive compared to what I had used and I did not have the skill to handle it.

Parker are on a mental list of razors to buy again for me.
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