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Anyone try one of these yet?

Looks almost like the Merkur Classic 1904.


I found a better pic of a 1904 Merkur on Lee's Razors and you are right. How do they shave? Same head as a HD may be just a little lighter weight? I am kind of wanting to try a Merkur to compare to the old Gillettes I have aquired. I like the look of this one but the HD is so highly reguarded.
I have an HD in my rotation and have found that it is good for when I am in a hurry.However, my adjustables (vision & gillette) rule!

when i have the time for a 3 pass shave, i always reach for an adjustable- the 3 pass shave with the HD would turn into a 5-6 pass shave and then I would b headed to irritation city by way of razor bump road.

but remember, YMMV.

It's the same head as a long handled classic with a different handle. It'll be a lot lighter than an HD and the grip is a little suspect. £13 for the razor and 10 blades is pretty cheap though.
I was hoping that Chesapeake Knife and Tool would have the 1904 in their closouts but they never carried it, nor did they ever carry the Classic or the Classic Long Handle.

I have both Classics, but not the 1904 and wanted to know how it shaved.

The Classic should shave much like the 1904. The biggest difference I see is in the handle design. I know that there is one in my future!

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