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Anyone try American Crew shave creams?

Quagmire said:
I was just wondering if anyone ever gave their cream a try? If not I might pick up a tub and try it out.

Sits on the shelf in our Barber Shop. We dust it occasionally, best place for it in my opinion!

Regards, Robert
Hmm, doesn't sound real promising. If i get board I might try it out. But I think I'll stay away from it.
Years ago I used it, but it is indeed brushless. I've heard one or two people claim to have gotten lather from it, but I have not had any luck with that regard.
John P.
It's a non-lathering cream by design. It gives a better shave than Gillette Foamy.

There is a menthol is similar tingling substance than is a bit too potent. Its fragrance is not very fun.

Definitely better than supermarket products but no good comparison to most real wet shave creams or soaps.

english_barber said:
Sits on the shelf in our Barber Shop. We dust it occasionally, best place for it in my opinion!

Regards, Robert
They gave me some samples, one pot of cream, one tube of cream and a oil.
I tried it.
There was no way we were going to stock that stuff. By far i rate it as the worst shaving products i have ever tried.


What is strange is they marketed this stuff with a shave brush. Everyone said it is brushless right?

The shave cream is ok, if you follow the directions. Not outstanding.

I've never seen it sold with a brush, that's just weird.

However, I've used their aftershave lotion for years.. of course, you have to like the scent (which I do). Performance-wise, it's a good as Nivea ASB IMHO.
There was a recent thread about this. From memory the overwhelming majority of replies were negative about American Crew
I stopped in to a big beauty supply store in Nyack to see if they had anything like Jeris, Lustray or Clubman. The owner (a man) had never heard of them, but he did try to steer me to some American Crew cream. I opened it and was completely underwhelmed. A pale white glisteny goop halfway filled the tub and it smelled completely uninteresting. This is the kind of cream that you could pour right out of the tub if you wanted. :thumbdown
Their pomade is good but pricey

+1 on that Pomade.. good stuff if money is no object. However, there are better pomades that are cheaper (i.e. Juniors, High Life, and B&W Pluko).

As for the shave cream? Good lord. I threw it out. Something weird about shaving with a Latherless cream. Smell? Not worth it.. For 21.90 you can get almost two tubs of TOBS.
American Crew Daily Shampoo & Conditioner are above average, the classic body wash is OK and Fiber is one of the better style aides I've used.

Can't comment on the shave cream or aftershave...It does strike me that many companies that sell more modern shave cream that don't lather just put out brushes with their logo on it for the hell of it. I honestly doubt the people behind the brush idea even know the proper usage...
Run far and fast from that cream LOL. After I couldnt get it to lather I began mixing it with my soap just so I could use it up.
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