Anyone tried this Tech clone?

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by deoxy4, Jan 6, 2017.

    I am on the look out for a low cost razor that gives a decent shave for people who may be willing to try wet shaving. Some people won't shave with a used sanitized razor or won't pony up $7 for a Tech clone. It might be a good travel option if it shaves well. It is stamped steel, certainly not stainless steel. It looks like a version or copy of the low cost Tech clones made in India (Gillette Sterling) or Gillette Rubie.

    I have a Gillette Sterling, with end tabs, and the blade alignment is perfect. With a stainless steel handle, it shaves fine.

    Anyone have any experience with this razor?
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    No but at a buck forty eight plus what appears to be free shipping to CONUS, what do you have to lose.

    If they are indeed offering free shipping, their profit margin must be next to nothing (??).
  2. I ordered one and been waiting for it since August. Money was refunded so never got to try it. I wasn't expecting much, but was expecting a razor.
  3. I didn't notice that this vendor has a very poor rating, and you experienced a problem. A vendor to avoided, I think.

    If you search there are two other vendors with ratings 98%+ ratings for what appears to be the same razor at a similar price. I ordered 6 of them and going to keep my fingers crossed. I looked thru the purchase reviews for a month or so and found 10+ positive reviews for this razor. Time will tell.
  4. I was speaking of the razor and not the particular vendor. Lately things shipping from China has been very hit or miss. Some never arrive, and some arrive much later than the 6 weeks they say to allow. All are impossible to track. One vendor that recently refunded me said that things get caught up in US customs longer than usual for some reason. This was also told to me by reputable US companies like Rockwell and Colonial. This seems to be an issue primarily with China and Canada. I got stuff from the UK without any problems.
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    that's a dangerous way to load a blade.
  6. IMG_2963.JPG IMG_2964.JPG I'm an Englishman living in China, and this Ying Ji Li looks exactly like the "Gillette Tech" that seems to be fairly popular with the older men here. Not a bad razor if the angle is right, and perfect for a travel razor. Nothing compared to Merkur and the likes, but ok.
  7. IMG_2968.JPG IMG_2967.JPG IMG_2965.JPG And just out of interest, another popular one found in small stores here is the Nanjie. An incredibly aggressive razor, but sadly, gives way to rust from the inside of the handle after 3 months or so.

    Most younger men are sadly going down the Gillette 3-5 blade disposable route. But the traditional shaving does have its followers here.
  8. The Nanji is an okay shaver. Rimei is decent as well. I'd go Baili or Weishi myself, and pay the extra $5. Avoid BOYOU at all costs! The head of that tech clone doesn't even fit properly on the base plate. (I need to finish that review and post up the photos)
  9. I have the Ying Jili branded clone. It is more or less a Sterling clone and very mild (in fact it is the mildest razor I own). Oddly enough, when I shave with it, I do not feel at all the blade, whichever it is, but in the end I manage to get a BBS. So, to me it is an efficient razor but sensationless.
  10. It's so cheap that trying can't be bad.
  11. These are so cheap I have to give them a try, just ordered five of them. $7.40 including shipping is a bargain if they work.

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