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Anyone tried the proraso in a can

My wife got me a can of the CO Bigelow version for some reason. It's still sitting under the sink. I need to try it sometime just for kicks.
I recently bought the green can. The smell is a little funky maybe due to avocado oil? Frankly, canned wise I like Prep. I used Barbasol Sensitive today and I think it's actually better.
I've used green and red. I like both of them so the blue should be no exception.

They do dry out the skin a touch so make sure you use plenty of balm or moisturiser.

You could also try with the proraso pre shave cream. I have and it works well combined with the foam. Not quite as drying.

That being said the performance is not any better than canned gillette foam tbh. Which I still use occasionally.

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I have tried it. I didn't like it, but I can't stand any of these canned shaving creams. My skin just says **** you to all of them lol