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Anyone shave their head?

New to this site and wondered if anyone else shaves their head. I have for several years now and was interested if you guys have any advice, recommendations, info on the gear you use, etc... Thanks in advance.
Hey there Macquarrie...nice to meet ya. I'm new here too but, glad you asked because I'm a baldy too. For the last 7 or 8 years or so I've shaved my head everyday along with my face and I always used my old gillette super speed. Up until about three years ago I guess and then I discovered the little, yellow Headblade. Bought the entire kit...razor, cream, balm, etc. I've got to say that it all worked pretty good however, the shave cream gunks up the blades and I always had to use a old toothbrush to clean it out between strokes. Running water would never do it alone. The balm I got in the glossy format and by the end of the day my head was greasy and I mean greasy! Never tried their mate finish however. Now I still use the blade but, with a nice soap and brush and all of the gunk comes out with a shake in the water and it still works just as good actually a little better. The only problem with the whole setup now is that it just looks plain silly setting next to my set of DE's. It's like a little plastic Star Wars toy among my collection of old reliable six-shooters. I've possibly seen the answer to this and it is the DOVO head shaver at http://www.classicshaving.com/catalog/item/522941/355881.htm.
It looks pretty cool to me and might just fit in with the more manly weapons and I understand that DOVO is the same people who make the little-cartridge holder-thingy-migeegs for the Headblade. So the DOVO might work, I don't know however, the Headblade is a great tool. I use it everyday and I just buy the cheap store brand cartridges for it. Change'm out once a week and your good to go. Nice and shiney and no hair! Hope this helps.:wink:
J. and Rusty,

I, too, am a head shaver and have been one for almost 7 years now. I started with canned cream and a M3. Along with a dozen different canned creams, I have used hair conditioner, baby shampoo, bar soap, and just about anything else that I thought would do a decent job lubricating the old dome. 5 or 6 months ago I began wet shaving. Since then, I have really enjoyed using shave soaps and English creams to shave my head. I bought a monster (30mm) shave brush and have found it to produce enought lather to make 4-6 passes on my face plus 2 on my head. As far as equipment goes, I get my best results from an M3 and touching up with an atra. As much as I love the DE on my face, I don't have the guts to try it on my head.

As a side note, Rusty, have you seen the HeadBlade S4 (signature series)? It is still pretty high-tech looking but it is at least not a piece of colored plastic. It may match the rest of your gear a little more closely.
Rusty and Kyle,

Thanks for the responses. I don't really know what some of your answers mean though. What is wet shaving? DE? M3? Wow there is more to shaving than I have ever thought! I have been using a Sensor Excel for a while now and it works pretty well. I was using the Mach 3, just occurred to me what M3 stands for, but it seemed a little spendy so I went back to the Sensor. I have had an interest in the finer points of shaving for a little while and did start looking at some specialty tools but I haven't shelled out any cash yet. A few years ago I was in Hong Kong and picked up a straight razor but I have been very nervous to attempt to use it. The only thing I have actually spent any money on has been a bottle each of Geo. F. Trumper Skye aftershave and cologne. I actually pulled them out and used them this morning while getting ready to go to Mass. I then kilted up and was off. I love this site and will be checking and posting often. Thanks for the advice!


Next time though I'll try to post where it is a little more appropriate

Sorry for the confusion. It's easy to slip into the message board jargon and forget that new guys may not know what all the abbreviations mean. Having said this, you are approaching this the right way. You've found a great message board that is populated by a great group of men who are more than happy to answer questions and offer suggestions. Welcome, and I hope you enjoy this place as much as I have.

Wet Shaving is shaving with a cream/lather that has been produced with a brush and either a soap or cream. The brush, soap/cream and hot water are mixed to create a water based shaving lather, hence, "wet" shaving. Canned creams use chemicals instead of water to stabilize the mixture.

DE stands for double edge razor. These are the old school razors that were commonly used before cartridge razors (atra, excel, mach 3, etc).

Read as much as you can on this site and check out some of the internet stores: www.classicshaving.com & www.qedusa.com. These resources will get you a little more familiar with what is currently available on the shaving market.

Please continue to ask any questions you may have.
I shave my head. The M3 works great but the cost of blades can add up.

The other day, I tried the Merkur HD DE loaded with a Feather blade and it gave pretty good results. It was very easy to clean the hair out of the HD because they add up in the 2 channels on the bottom of the razor. I just sprayed it with some water and it was ready for more passes.
John, sorry for any confusion about anything...if you are interested in the Headblade here is their site: http://www.headblade.com/default23.htm

However, like I said they got some good products. Their shave cream doesn't really lather it's more like a gel that sort of foams up, but I'll probably never go back to it just because it is such a pain to get out of the blades...although it did have a nice sort of minty-tingly feeling to it...my wife like it on her legs:bored: .

Kyle, yeah I've seen the new shiney version (with wheels no less). Pretty cool...but just not what I'm looking for. I mean why couldn't they have just taken the original little yellow one and cast it in some stainless steel or a nice brass. Nice looking and good weight to them. Now the would be cool and easy to do...:wink:I've tried the Mach3, my wife bought me one as a stocking stuffer one Christmas, it was red and looked pretty nice. The blades just cost too much all of the time so along with the Headblade shaving cream it became part of her own shaving equipment. I don't know but I'll probably try out one of the DOVO's before long...so anybody else have any good results with a Headblade or use a DOVO head shaver? I'd be interested in any results.
Rusty Shackleford said:
Ahhh Randy...you should give it a try. Once you go bald you won't ever want hair again and the ladies love it! Scouts honor!


From what I have seen, either your hair turns gray, it "turns loose", or both. As long as my hair is staying around, I think I'll enjoy it!!!

Rusty Shackleford said:
Ahhh Randy...you should give it a try. Once you go bald you won't ever want hair again and the ladies love it! Scouts honor!

I thought it was shaving other areas that the ladies loved....at least thats what my wife said when I had my vasectomey. :redface:
rtaylor61 said:

From what I have seen, either your hair turns gray, it "turns loose", or both. As long as my hair is staying around, I think I'll enjoy it!!!

I agree with Randy, as long as I got it, it's staying....if it starts to get too bad where I need a comb-over, I'll join the club.

I'd hate the Donald Trump look.
AACJ said:
I thought it was shaving other areas that the ladies loved....at least thats what my wife said when I had my vasectomey. :redface:
Yes, they do.........but that's a whole other forum. :eek:

I have shaved my head on and off for about 9 years. I have used several different razors, Atra, Tracer, Mach 3 and the Headblade. When I am not shaving it I keep it close with a Wahl trimmer with no attachments.

I liked the way the Tracer follows the curve of the head, but blades were getting harder to find. After I stopped using it they seemed to pop up everywhere.

The way the Headblade is designed it is easy to use and keeps the right angle. I stopped using it because of the clogging between the blades though.

I currently use the Mach 3. The spacing of the blades and the head being open on the back makes it simple to keep the blades free of build up.

I am mulling over purchasing the Dovo head shaver or the Headblade S4. The Dovo seems like a much more wallet friendly item, although I am familar with the Headblade products. Both give will give me an option for different style blades, unlike my first Headblade.

Well, that is my two cents. Hope it helps.
I like the merkur HD with feather blades, been shaving my head for 10 years and get the best shave ever with the HD, took a while to get used to but I'm very pleased.
If you wouldn't mind, explain your technique (with/against grain, # of passes, etc). I've been terrified to try this, but at the same time, I'm very intrigued.

I to am a headshaver-and have been so for 13 years now-not by choice but due to genetics.

Initially, I tried using mach 3 and others similar to it. I believe the tracer gave the best results, but I stopped using it due to cutting this one area over and over.

this caused me to switch to an electric(yes, i know I'm blaspheming here). the norelcos worked much better than any of the 'flat' headed electrics.

since returning to wetshaivng, I developed a renewed interest in wetshaving the dome also. I now use a headblade with my wetshaving regimen. As u have noticed, the blades due clog up regularly, but with a soap not as much.

When I want that BBS feeling on my head, I wetshave first and then follow with the norelco(might as well use it for something-it's the coolshave model:the one that dispenses its own 'goo').

I have been wondering about the dovo model myself as the original headblade is somewhat on the wimpy side-there is no way i am paying $99 for that mini-tricycle model they sell. I figure if i buy better blades first(been using the ones found in the stores) i can see if my shave improves-if it doesn't, the dovo will be next- not enough courage to use a DE on my head as of yet.:frown:


When I go with the DE, I usually start in the middle/on top of my forehead and go back towards the base of my neck. I do this from the middle all the way down to my left ear and then go back to the top and then down to the right ear. Rinse off, lather up again and go in the opposite direction; from the base of the neck back to the top of your crown. Usually by this time it's pretty smooth and only a few touch-ups are needed. Just go slow and breathe easy...it will work out fine.

If anyone tries out a DOVO and can compare it to a DE or the Headblade, I'd be interested in the results. I'm with Marty, $99 for the shiney, wheely model is way too much. I'll resort to a little backyard manufactering and try and caste a Headblade in brass or something before I pay that much.

If I could just get the front of my neck as smooth as my head, I'd be a happy man.


Yeah, pretty much the same angle...I just hold the DE by the pommel and drag it in short strokes. The angle stays pretty much the same as what you would use on your face. Same thing as with your face...use no pressure at all. Hope it helps!

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