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Anyone seen these finger through shavettes?

I just ordered one like the top one because they're super inexpensive, but I am curious. Does anyone have any experience with anything like this? I've been aware of the kamisori type shavettes. Should these be similar to use?
I have seen plenty of them offered for sale online. Have never experienced holding or using one.

I think that you will find they are more for use buy hairdressers doing razor cuts.
That makes sense. I mostly planned to use it for edging my beard and burns. I also have noted that these are probably made by the same factory that OEMs the Holy Black Cutthroat because the double finger through ones have the rivet hole still so I think they just retool the machines for whatever the customers want.
I bought one when I started shaving with shavettes. It's not comfortable to use, saying that I only tried it once. Maybe I should try it again and see if I get on better with it now that I have a lot more experience.
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