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anyone remember Will G's Place?

Does anyone know what happened to Will - I read that he had knee surgery and then had complications.

Is he going to go back into production any time soon.

I think his a/s lotion is great and would love some more (but I won't bid against a fellow B&B member).

Will G actually had terminal cancer, the last we heard he was placed in a hospice facility for his final days. At any rate, that was quite a while back, so I have great doubt that Will is with us any longer.
I spoke to Will back in Jan when I was on leave in Morrow, GA. He was 5 min away in Jonesboro so I thought I would stop by and buy some stuff but by this point he had just temporarily shut down the store and said he was out of stock so I didn't go by. He was very nice and seemed like a very likeable person. I really do hate to hear that he was really sick and he'll be sorely missed by myself and I'm sure hundreds of others, not to mention his family. My hat is off. G.R.H.S.
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