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Anyone Raise Their Own Yardbirds?


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I'm about to venture into raising chickens mainly for eggs. I'm in the process of building my chicken coop which I hope to populate around Easter weekend, or there abouts. Building a 6' x 12' covered enclosure with a second level roosting area with 5 nesting boxes. Starting out with just pullets, no roosters. It should be interesting!
Best of luck with it. We've been raising chickens for the past five years. Started like you plan to, just pulleys and egg producers, but it expended a bit each year and we've been raising meat birds as well for the past few years. Good luck - nothing better than eggs from your own backyard!


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My granddad and uncle both had chicken coops, probably a bit larger than yours. Had several rows of wooden rods for perches, and several nest boxes. Got pecked many a time getting eggs out from under the hens. They had the area in front of the coop fenced off with chicken wire to give them a place to walk around, unless they were let out in the yard.

Dad had a row of cages inside our little barn that tilted forward a bit so the eggs would roll down into a little tray in the front. No more getting pecked. Something like this:


Have plenty of room here for a coop, but SWMBO says she doesn't want any of those "nasty" things. I'm not too fond of having floor shoveling duty again either. :laugh:
Good luck my folks had them for 40 years and sold eggs all over the place. We clipped their wings and they stayed inside a 20X30 6 foot chain link fence. We locked them up in the coop about dusk and released them just after sunrise.
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