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Anyone order from Conaght shaving?


I placed an order with Connaught shaving on 12/30 and received an email saying it shipped out 1/2. I haven't received my package yet and was wondering if this is a typical wait time? I know it's coming from the UK, I know it has to clear customs, and I also know I'm dying to try MWF already!

So anyone with experience purchasing from Connaught, please give me your feedback.


No problems ordering from Connaught Shaving but I am in the UK.

However, whenever I've ordered stuff from the US (ShaveNation for example) it usually takes 2 weeks to arrive from the shipping date.
It's not the Vendors fault for the delay right now, it's Royal Mail or USPS. They seem to have shipped it quickly and is now in the hands of the couriers.

Most of my UK to CAD orders are about 10-12 working days (give or take)
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I ordered some Feather SE blades for my Valet on 1-05-14 and got them in yesterday1-13-14. Their website says shipping to the U.S. can take from 5-20 days. That was my first time ordering from them though. Hopefully your stuff will show up soon best of luck,

Can't speak to Connaught (yet) but I have ordered things from The English Shaving Company and received them here in Nebraska just as quickly as I have received things ordered from California. But I must admit that this didn't happen at Christmas time.
I cannot recall how many days but my orders to New Zealand have been quick (maybe a week) and their shipping rates are mush cheaper than from the States. If you want quick "Gifts and Care" got my order here from Spain in 4 days :w00t:
Never a problem. I just received some ptfe coated SE blade packs. It does take a while longer due to shipping across the pond.
I've ordered from Connaught 4 times now and while three of them took right at about two weeks one of them took almost three.
Connaught Shaving is very good. Usually they are very fast..... but it will take at least a week to get it across the pond. I once had a bottle of cologne leak and they sent me a new one without hesitation. Very professional.

Just got my Volobra shave puck two weeks give or take
has some great prices, I'm sure yours will be at your door tomorrow.
I also placed two separate orders from Connaught on 12/30 and 12/31. Both shipped out to Ohio on 1/2. I got one yesterday, (ironically 5 pucks of MWF) and the other one did not come yesterday or today, so I'm still waiting. I'm hoping it comes tomorrow. I don't think you need to be at the worrying stage yet. :)
I order from Connaught regularly, they're great. The delay is the carrier, my order from ATT was despatched quickly but then took five days for USPS to get it from Tennesee to Florida.
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